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Football Report 2016

The 2016/7 Football season started in September and will run throughout the Winter and Spring months until mid April. The 'extended summer' which brought fantastic weather through to the year end meant we were able to materialise all our matches. Once again this year we have seen a lot of enthusiasm from members showing their skills on the pitch. The number of participating players is still on the rise.

On the statistics side, in 2016 the Club played a total of 16 games, recording 9 victories, 6 loses and 1 draw.

We got off to a shaky start with mixed results at the beginning of the season. However, good touch and structure was quickly restored and we were on an unbeaten 5 match streak towards the latter part of the year.
We have had some very competitive games this season and seen a great show of skills from both new and old players. The hot sun has meant fitness and consistency on the pitch has played a large part in recording good results.
The highlight of the year was our game against a UK touring side, the 'Fielder Touring XI', which was a first for the Club in terms of hosting a foreign football side. The match was a very competitive one, in which the result could have gone either way. However, the visitors converted their chances, and the result was a victory for the Fielder XI. Overall it was a very enjoyable weekend with good show on and off the pitch. We hope to receive more touring sides in the future.

We had our end of season lunch in early April of 2016, where prizes for the previous season were awarded, and we would like to congratulate the following people:
Gustavo Mendes - 2015/2016 Season Top Goal Scorer: Alvares Ribeiro Cup
Mark Hooley - 2015/2016 Player of the season: Rajani Cup
Joao P. Torres - 2015/2016 OCLTC Best Upcoming Player

Overall, the 2015/6 season was very sucessful, with many competitive, but enjoyable games of football. With more games ahead in 2017 we hope we can maintain our good form, and we are sure turnout will remain as exceptional as it has been so far. We also look forward to receiving the Lisbon Casuals in Porto to compete for the Badger Cup in March 2017.


Football Captains

João Castro & Premal Rajani

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