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Organiser: Liam Donnelly

Squash Report 2005

I have been asked to write a report on behalf of the OCLTC Squash Club, but to be honest there is no Squash Club as such. Various people have tried to organise leagues and ladders over the past couple of years without success. Playing numbers have dwindled and those who still play have hectic schedules and find it difficult to make a regular commitment.

But Squash is still alive with a nucleus of players who fit in games when they can, and who see it as a great way to have a good work-out once or twice a week. And a good work-out it is! After 45 minutes against a good opponent one comes off court dripping with sweat and totally exhausted. For busy people without much time for exercise during the week, it really is a good way to keep fit. Of course, Squash need not be quite so strenuous. If you would like a slightly more leisurely game, then try Doubles Squash, in which your partner covers half of the court meaning you only have to run half as much. However doubles squash is not for the faint hearted and a good control of racquet and ball is essential if painful incidents are to be avoided.

So anyone reading this who is still wondering how to burn off those couple of extra kilos gained over the Christmas period, why not think about taking up Squash? Even if you have never played before, all you need to do is find someone of like mind who would like to start playing, buy a couple of racquets and a ball, and get out on the court. Don't buy expensive racquets as a beginner as avoiding contact between racquet and wall is something that only comes with experience. It is also best to start with a "red dot" ball. The colour of the dot indicates the bounce or speed of the ball. A red dot ball will bounce higher than a yellow dot allowing more time to reach it.

We still have a regular Squash session on Wednesday evenings on a turn-up-and-play basis. Should sufficient players turn up, we play doubles Squash. If not, we play singles. We are always glad to see new faces, so if you are interested contact me or just turn-up on Wednesday evenings.

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