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Tennis Report 2016

In 2016 all events on the calendar were completed, with the addition of the men's 2015 singles, which was carried over and played in March 2016. The tournaments all had a good turnout and were played in good spirit.

Members of the Sub-committee and their respective contact numbers can be found on the notice board near reception. Likewise, those of the two professional tennis coaches, Dico and Buba. who we would like to thank for their efforts to assist members in improving their game.

Social tennis continued in 2016 but was moved to Tuesday evening starting at 5pm on the clay courts, which proved to be the preferred surface for the current playing social members. In winter it was played on courts 1 and 2, which have lights. Courts 5 and 6 were used if the weather put the clay courts out of use. On social evenings all members are welcome to come along and join in, between 5pm and 8pm. Players can choose how long they wish to stay.

Sr. Joaquim, our groundsman, has done an extremely good job and the courts are continuing to improve due to his hard work.

A shoe cleaning brush has been placed at the end of the walkway near court one. Could players please use this after playing as it helps keep the Club and terraces free of clay.

A tennis calendar, showing all planned events for 2017, will be placed on the notice board, as well as sign up lists for each individual tournament, which will be posted a few weeks before the tournament date.

We remind all members that the fee for guests to play is €5 and that they must be signed in on entering the Club.

The Junior section organised by Dico ran well as usual. A tournament was arranged, and although the original date had to be cancelled, it was finally successfully played in June. There were 39 entrants of various ages. A big thank you to Dico and his helpers Eduardo, Afonso and Fredrik.
Dico also organised holiday camps for the juniors at Easter, in the summer and at Christmas. These will run again in 2017 and information will be posted on the notice board.

We encourage all members to join us at the tournaments. If you do not wish to participate, then please come along and join in the fun by supporting. The results of the respective tournaments were as follows:

C A CHAMBERS CUP - Men's Singles 2015

Winner: Zé Zé Martins.        Runner Up: Pedro Lagoá

K. A. GRAHAM CUP - Ladies Singles 2016

Winner: Matilde Lagoá                           Runner Up: Matilda Oxelfelt

This tournament was played in October alongside the men's singles. We were lucky enough to have a lovely sunny day. It was run as a round robin, each playing a total of five sets. Matilde was the outright winner, but second place was a close match, and was decided on a tiebreak between Matilda and Cristina Rogerson. We'll done to all the ladies who took part.

C. A. CHAMBERS CUP – Men´s Singles 2016

Again this was played as a Round Robin but due to the large number of entrants it was divided into two groups, followed by semi-finals and a final.

Winner: Zé Zé Martins                              Runner Up: Luís Pinheiro Torres Jnr.

AMALGAMATION CUP - Ladies Doubles 2016

Only four couples participated in the tournament so it was played on a Round Robin basis. Some good tennis was played and it was enjoyed by both players and supporters.
Well done to the Lagoá family with three out of the top four players from their family.

Winners: Matilde & Marta Lagoá              Runners Up: Susana Lagoá & Luisa Pinheiro Torres

KENDALL CUP – Men´s Doubles 2016

This event was well attended and played as a Round Robin leading to semi-finals and then a final. After an exhausting couple of days the final turned out to be an exciting match with the eventual outcome as follows:

Winners: Luís Pinheiro Torres & Luís Pinheiro Torres Jnr         Runners Up: Rodrigues & Francisco Guerra

MARTIN CLODD CUP - Mixed Doubles 2016

This is one of the most popular of the tournaments with 25 couples entering. It was split into two groups, followed by semi-finals and a final. There was some great tennis played and all players showed good spirit throughout. It was noted that this is the first time we have had a final in which all four players are from our younger members. Well done to them.

Winners: Luís Pinheiro Torres Jnr & Matilde Lagoá                 Runners Up: Miguel Sá & Marta Lagoá

PERKINS CUP - Match versus Lisbon Casuals

This was played in early October on our home ground at the OCLTC. The teams were composed of both men and ladies. The tennis was of a good standard and was played until quite late in the evening. It was a great weekend, made even better by the fact that the OCLTC won, and the cup was kept in Oporto. Our guests staying at the club, and both teams enjoyed a meal together in the evening when speeches were given in respect of the day´s tennis. The Club also provided a wonderful afternoon tea which was served in the grounds by court one. This proved to be a great idea as it allowed play to continue and competitors could still watch and cheer each other on.

SYMINGTON CUP – Match versus Lawn Tennis Da Foz

The Symington cup was also played on home ground on the 4th June. The teams were made up of both men and ladies. Once again, it was played in good spirit but unfortunately for us Foz had the stronger team on the day and won the match.


In 2016, Afonso Cabral introduced a new tournament to the Club, which was played over the season. It took a lot of hard work by Afonso to set it up, but it proved to be very successful with new members joining every month. The year was completed with a Masters tournament weekend, followed by a finals weekend. A dinner was then held to celebrate its success and award the winning person with trophy. A big thank you to Afonso for all his hard work.

MASTERS Winner: Jo Alvares Ribeiro                     Runner Up: Afonso Rangel Cabral

In 2017 we hope to introduce a "turn up and play" day for ladies.

The Annual Tennis Dinner will be held on Friday 24th March. At the dinner we will celebrate another successful year of tennis, and prizes will be presented to the winners and runners up of all tournaments. We look forward to all participants joining us, together with social tennis players and any other interested members.

Fredrik Oxelfelt has chosen to step down from his position on the tennis sub-committee. We would like to thank him for all his hard work and support he has given over the past years.

Christine Walsh on behalf of the Tennis sub-committee

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